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Where do you buy properties?

We purchase residential and commercial property in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia.

What kind of properties do you purchase?

We buy single family residences, apartment houses, commercial real estate and vacant land. Whether the property is in perfect condition or in need of serious repair, we are prepared to make an all cash offer today!

If I contact you about selling, do I have to sell?

No. By contacting us, it provides the opportunity for you to receive a free, no obligation cash offer to purchase your property. If you decide to accept the offer, we will proceed quickly to get your equity in your hands. If you decide not to sell, you have no further obligation.

How do you arrive at a price you are willing to pay for my property?

We will research the value of the property based on recent sales of similar properties in your specific neighborhood. We will also perform a construction analysis on the property to determine what, if any, repairs need to be completed on the house. We will then use a combination of these two figures to arrive at the offer price.

Are there any fees or expenses involved with selling to you?

No! We charge no fees when we buy a property.

What happens to my information if you are not interested in my property?

If we have no interest in purchasing your property then we may send it to a qualified real estate professional in your area.

What price range of property do you purchase?

We buy property in all price ranges from $500 to $5 Million.