Here’s What Our Clients Have to Say:

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Testimonial #123: Laurie

This seller contacted us from a mailing she received. After caring for her parents for the last 4 years, she and her 3 boys were left in a very difficult situation. The mortgage on the property was in foreclosure, the house needed a lot of work and they needed help to find a new house and with moving. was there to help! We stopped the foreclosure on the property, found them numerous houses to choose from, rented a moving truck, loaded their boxes and furniture, then purchased the property in its current condition. This video was taken 5 minutes after the seller received her check.


Testimonial #137: Sophie

Sophie was taking care of her Uncle. She kept the house where she grew up in great shape. But when her Uncle was no longer able to live by himself, she rented the property to another relative. The relative destroyed the property and Sophie wanted to wash her hands of the situation. She called us and we made her an offer. We helped her move out all the possessions she wanted to keep and bought the house with the trash and all. As you can see, Sophie was happy!


Testimonial #201: Trisha – Philadelphia

Trisha and her sisters were in a pickle. Their property was in bad shape. Really bad shape! Their parents had both passed away several years before and the property where they grew up fell into severe disrepair. When we came out to make an offer on the property, they’d had one investor who had already given them a price. It was less than the bills they owed on the house. Our offer came in $10,000 higher than their previous and we were able to reduce some of the liens on the property and put more money in their pocket. We closed in 2 weeks with cash. Needless to say, they were happy.


Testimonial #22: Erica – Philadelphia

Erica and her husband had contacted us with a crazy story to tell. Apparently they had signed a contract with a suposed home buyer, only to discover they neither had the intention nor the ability to buy the property. After wasting a lot of Erica and her husband’s time, the “home buyers” backed out of the deal and disappeared. When we met them, they were very skeptical. Just a few days after the contracts were signed, Erica and her husband sat at our office for the closing.


Testimonial #89: Joyce – Philadelphia

This seller came to us when we were out in a neighborhood in the West Oak Lane section of Philadelphia. The current “tenant” said that the house was for sale and gave us the owner’s number. We came to find out that the “tenant” was a family member that had no intention to leave the property. They neglected to pay any utilities for the past several years and had practically destroyed the house. The seller was very upset as the house was her mothers at one time. We assisted her in getting the “tenant” out of the house and then purchased the property in its current condition. The entire transaction took less than 20 days to complete. This video was shot at the title company just after the closing.