Tips to Prepare Your House for a Sale

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Homes sellers around the country want a fast sale. They also want to walk away with as much profit from the sale as possible. Real estate competition can prove challenging for property sellers looking for an uncomplicated sale. The best way to ensure a fast sale is to prepare the home properly thereby making it market competitive. A house that is in clean and move-in condition makes for a more efficient showing and, as compared to homes which are not as properly prepared, often will sell faster and for more money.

In order to sell a house fast consider making the property what I call a “move-in” opportunity. A home which is in good order will appeal to a wider audience and make for more showings and with that, a faster sale. A few simple, common sense tasks before putting the house on the market will ensure a less complicated and easier closing.

Make sure there is plenty of time to prepare the home for a fast sale by allowing at least a few weeks to as much as a few months prep time before any scheduled showings. Clean the home well. If need be, a cleaning company should be employed to ensure that the entire house is uncommonly tidy. Nothing keeps a house on the market longer than a dirty appearance and selling a house fast means making certain that it is in constantly viewable condition before entering into any real estate market.

Bathrooms and kitchens are big issues when placing a home for sale. An updated and clean kitchen and bathroom speaks to the high expectations of today’s savvy home buyer. De-clutter all kitchen counters by placing small appliances in cabinets. Keep the stove, oven and refrigerator clean at all times as many inspections will be made on the condition of these important appliances. Make sure that all toilets are clean from top to bottom. Place bleach-based cleaning pellets into toilet tanks for a constantly clean and fresh appearance in the bathroom.

Freshen up the interior of the home with clean paint and flooring. A small amount of paint can make an older or worn room look fresh and inviting. Make sure that carpets and flooring are vacuumed and cleaned regularly. Mopping and waxing floors in kitchens and baths will ensure these rooms hold their highest appeal while steam cleaning carpets will help to remove odors which can build in some homes.

Remove any personal effects such as framed photos and decorative items like nick-knacks. Too much clutter on walls or furniture can make rooms seem smaller than they actually are. Reducing as many of these items as possible will help to bring a sense of open roominess to the home. In addition, by removing personal items from the living space, it prevents prospective buyers from looking at the property as someone elses house and encourages them to envision their new life in the property.

First impressions are the most lasting. When trying to sell a home fast, the best way to ensure interest stays is to make sure the front of the home holds an inviting appearance. Clear away toys and yard trash as much as possible so as to bring full attention to the house and not the clutter in the yard. If attempting a self sale, avoid approaches with overly eager.  Buy my house campaigns or strong-arm sales pitches as these could prove troublesome to interested prospects. Instead, leave flyers with simple information about the home with flattering photos on a table by the front door.

Contact real estate agents and individuals that may be interested in your property. Many agents will be eager for the listing when a home is prepared properly and shows well to promote a fast sale.

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